Remote viewing on the computer using Eseenet and LZ DVR

LZ CCTV remote viewing Eseenet App Device Setup on IOS or Android i.e. Iphone, IPad, Samsung

How do I get an Esee ID number?

All LZ DVR’s come with a uniquely assigned Esee ID number. The ID number will be activated once the DVR has internet access. The DVR can get internet access via an ADSL router, 3G router, 3G modem. If your DVR is connected to a router via a network cable, please enable DHCP on the DVR, save the settings and reboot the DVR. Once the DVR has been allocated an IP address from the router, it will then display the Esee ID number. Sometimes the Esee ID number will appear immediately sometimes it will take longer, dependent on Internet Speed at the time of configuration. Please allow 10 – 15 minutes for the Esee ID number to appear. Once you have your Esee ID number. Use the Esee ID number in the App on the smartphone/smart pad (IOS/Android Supported). Ensure your smartphone/smart pad is connected to the WAN Network i.e. 3g/4g/LTE and is not connected to the LAN.

Where are you located?

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What do you supply?

We are a retailer and wholesale supplier  for CCTV security systems. We sell CCTV accessories, kits, custom made kits. We sell Rg59 Pure copper. Network Cable Cat 5 and Cat 6. CCTV Cameras. Analog, AHD and IP. Power supplies, connectors. A one stop CCTV shop.

What is the username and password on an LZ DVR?

The default username is


The default password is “blank”

i.e. leave the field empty.

Depending on the DVR model. Some user interfaces will go directly into the menu,

Some will exit out of the menu. If it exits out of the menu, go back into the setup menu and it will allow you access.

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